Recordable SDK

Recordable is available as a kit to embed in your Android app. It's been licensed to major vendors of usability testing and online gaming screencasting services.

  • Easy to integrate and use. The kit comes with step-by-step documentation and sample code. A developer with no prior Android experience should be able to create their own screen recorder app in a couple of hours.
  • Full customisable. The library can be embedded in any Android app and completely branded any way you choose.
  • High performance. Supports hardware accelerated video encoding on Android 4.1 and with software video encoding fall-back.
  • Proven Compatability. Supports Android 3.2 through to 5.0 and is in daily use by hundreds of thousands of Android users. No other screen recorder comes close in terms of device compatibility.
  • No root. The only no-root Android screen recorder which actually works.

Priot to Android 5.0 apps were not permitted to record the screen. To enable the recorder to work with these devices a multi-platform activator program is provided. To start using the screen recording functionality this must be run on the user's Windows PC, Mac or Linux host while their mobile device is plugged in via USB. Thereafter they can unplug the USB and make as many untethered recordings as they please until the device is reset again. If the user reboots their device they will need to run the installer again before they can make more recordings. The installer does not require the Android SDK to be installed or configured. Activation is not required on Android 5.0 and later.

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