Why is my video rotated?

Recordable records the "native" orientation of your screen. This is usually portrait orientation. If you have rotated your Android device (e.g, you are using it in landscape orientation) then Recordable will make a note of this in the "metadata" of the video file. Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Quicktime (Mac & PC) and Media Player on Windows 8 onwards all support rotation metadata and display the video with the correct rotation. On modern versions of Android the built-in video player gets rotation right, but some older devices do not support metadata. If you are having problems viewing videos on your device we recommend installing MX Player from the Play Store.

Windows Media player (before Windows 8) does not support video rotation metadata so may display your recordings with incorrect rotation. If you convert the .mp4 to .avi the metadata may be stripped out and the .avi file may not play with the correct rotation. This could happen if you share the video using external programs. The desktop version of VLC does not automatically use the video rotation metadata, but you can turn it on manually (Tools -> Effect and filter -> Visual effect -> Rotate).