What performance can I expect?

This will depend on:

  • How powerful your Android device is
  • How up-to-date the version of Android you are running
  • The Recordable settings you use
  • The type of app want to record (e.g., creating high quality recordings of graphical games will require a more powerful device)

Older devices (e.g, 2011) with a single CPU core running old version of Android (e.g., Android 3.2) may only be able to manage 1 frame per second of video. Newer versions of Android will usually perform better than older versions (e.g., Android 4.4 is significantly faster than 4.3). In general the default settings for Recordable should give close to best performance.

Here are some performance measurements from some common devices:

Samsung Gallaxy S3 (Android 4.2): approx 6 frames per second
Nexus 7 (Android 4.4): approx 8 frames per second