Recordable Support

This page will guide you through getting help with Recordable.

Issues Installing Recordable

Please first check the Install page and watch the installation video for your type of computer.

If after running the installer here are some things to check:

  • Check that your USB cable is correctly plugged into both your device and your computer.
  • Try disconnecting and replugging the device.
  • Is the USB symbol visible on your device? If you can't find this on the status bar at the top of the screen or in the pull down notification area then you may need to replace your USB cable.
  • Have you downloaded and run the Recordable app on your Android device?
  • Has USB debugging been enabled as directed by the app?
  • Is there a dialog box asking "Allow USB debugging?" displayed on your Android device? If so, please tap on OK.

If you are using Windows please check information on Android Device not found problems.

Issues Using Recordable

Please start by check you running the most up-to-date version of the app. To do this enter the link into the web browser on your Android device. This will take you to the Recordable Play Store listing. If the "update" option is available please select this to get the latest version.

If you are using the latest version and are still having issues try the following:

  1. Read over this page to see if your issue is described below. We will update this page with any common problems.
  2. Check our forums to see if there is any information about your problem there. We keep the forum up-to-date with helpful advice, suggestions and information about new versions of the software. This can often be the fastest way for you to get help.
  3. Please also consider posting a message to the forum about your issue. We monitor new questions on the forum and will reply as soon as possible.

If you have a suggestion, feature request or general feedback about your experience using Recordable please post a message to the forum.