Android screen recorders compared

In the past screen recording on Android was restricted to "rooted" devices, but now there are a number of screen recorders which work non rooted. These require access to a computer to complete the installation but once this is done you can make recordings without being attached. In the case of Recordable, it can work either way: if root is available on the device it will use that otherwise it will help the user complete the installation using a computer.

The table below summarises screen recorders available on Google Play as at 12th January 2014. It doesn't include apps such as Rec which are limited to Android 4.4 only (<2% of active devices) .

App Developer Rating Android
Gestures6 Share?7 Nexus 7?8
Recordable Invisibility Ltd
Recordable FREE Invisibility Ltd
No Root Screen Recorder Hiandroidstudio
2.2+ Touch Not tested
No Root Screen Recorder-Trial Hiandroidstudio
4.0.3+ Trial Touch Not tested
SCR Screen Recorder Free root Iwo Banas
4.0.3+ 3min Touch
SCR Screen Recorder Pro root Iwo Banas
4.0.3+ Touch Not tested
Screen Recorder Hiandroidstudio
4.0.3+ Trial Touch A
Screen Recorder NLL
2.3+ B
Screen Recorder ( Ascrecorder) sylkat
2.2+ C
Screen Recorder Licence NLL
2.3+ Not tested
Screen Recorder Pro Hiandroidstudio
4.0.3+ Touch Not tested
screencast Kastor Soft
2.2+ D
Screencast PRO Keerby
2.2+ D
Screencast Video Recorder Media Solutions
2.2+ Pointer D
Screencast Video Recorder Demo Media Solutions
2.2+ Pointer C
Z - Screen recorder ZAUSAN
2+ E
Z - Screen Recorder PRO ZAUSAN
2+ Not tested

1: Non root refers to the ability to work without root access on the device. This requires access to a computer to complete the install. Version 1.1 of Recordable can operate in either with or without root access.

2: Supports non-root installation using a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Not all combintations have been verified and some are known not to work, e.g., the Ascrecorder installer crashes on Linux.

3: On Windows computers special USB drivers are required. This column indicates whether the installer includes these drivers. Recordable also includes extensive diagnostics to detect and fix common driver problems.

4: Some free recorders only function for a limited period (e.g., the Hiandroidstudio appears to stop functioning after 24 hours) or limit the maximum recording time of videos.

5: A countdown or delay before recording starts, allowing the user the avoid the recorder UI apearing in their videos.

6: Recordable supports a translucent, animated overlay showing were touches, releases and swipes occurred. Some other recorders support drawing a white dot or pointer where the user is currently touching.

7: Whether the recorder supports a gallery of recordings and easy sharing of the recordings to services like YouTube, twitter, email etc.

8: Several recorders were tested on a common Android tablet (Nexus 7 2012 edition) running Android 4.4. The results are summarised.

A: Worked after switching to "Bak" mode

B: No recordings created

C: Generated error message

D: Not supported (Tegra)

E: Green videos created

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