What is Recordable?

Recordable is an easy to use screen recorder for Android with advanced features such as audio recording and gesture rendering. Once you have made your screen recordings you can easily share them using your favourite apps, such as YouTube or Facebook.

How do I install Recordable?

The Android security model does not permit ordinary apps to record the screen. Because of this Recordable requires a two stage installation process.

First you need to install and run Recordable app. The app will instruct you on how to change some system settings.

Second, you need to download and run the Recordable Installer on a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. When instructed to by the installer connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable. When finished you can disconnect your Android device and create screen recordings. If you restart your Android device you will need to run the installer program again before you can make more screen recordings.

Is there a free version?

Yes! Recordable Free is identical to the paid version except the Recordable logo will be visible in video recordings and the frame rate will be restricted to a maximum of 8 frames per second.

Can I license Recordable for my company/application/...?

Yes! A customised version of Recordable has already been licensed as core technology by a major app testing company. Please contact us for more information about site licensing or customisation.

What performance can I expect?

This will depend on:

  • How powerful your Android device is
  • How up-to-date the version of Android you are running
  • The Recordable settings you use
  • The type of app want to record (e.g., creating high quality recordings of graphical games will require a more powerful device)

Older devices (e.g, 2011) with a single CPU core running old version of Android (e.g., Android 3.2) may only be able to manage 1 frame per second of video. Newer versions of Android will usually perform better than older versions (e.g., Android 4.4 is significantly faster than 4.3). In general the default settings for Recordable should give close to best performance.

Here are some performance measurements from some common devices:

Samsung Gallaxy S3 (Android 4.2): approx 6 frames per second
Nexus 7 (Android 4.4): approx 8 frames per second

Can I record the system audio output?

Currently the only system audio you can record is what can be heard by the microphone.

What format videos does Recordable produce?

Audio: AAC (44.1kHz mono)
Video: H.263
Container: .mp4

Is recordable secure?

Recordable has been designed with security in mind. Once installed the only software which is able to make recordings is Recordable itself. The Recordable logo is displayed in the status bar whenever recording is in progress. This is to help ensure sensitive information like your passwords is not accidentally recorded

Which folder does Recordable save recordings to?


It is not currently possible to change this.

Why is my video rotated?

Recordable records the "native" orientation of your screen. This is usually portrait orientation. If you have rotated your Android device (e.g, you are using it in landscape orientation) then Recordable will make a note of this in the "metadata" of the video file. Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Quicktime (Mac & PC) and Media Player on Windows 8 onwards all support rotation metadata and display the video with the correct rotation. On modern versions of Android the built-in video player gets rotation right, but some older devices do not support metadata. If you are having problems viewing videos on your device we recommend installing MX Player from the Play Store.

Windows Media player (before Windows 8) does not support video rotation metadata so may display your recordings with incorrect rotation. If you convert the .mp4 to .avi the metadata may be stripped out and the .avi file may not play with the correct rotation. This could happen if you share the video using external programs. The desktop version of VLC does not automatically use the video rotation metadata, but you can turn it on manually (Tools -> Effect and filter -> Visual effect -> Rotate).